Accurate Onion Peeling

Onion Peeler

Full automatic positioning, measuring and peeling of onions by means of vision technology.

Onion Peeler

Onion Peeler – RP

Tech Specs


Max 900 bulbs per hour, eff ective net output 100-150kg/h (single lane). Thanks to the single lane concept we offer a machine with an easily scalable capacity due to the option of parallel arrangement, which also maximizes the reliability and redundancy. It allows one machine to be stopped for any reason during operation while the others keep going.


Can be electrically connected to other machines, Work Floor Automation. Automatic bin tipping, infeed, pre-treatment of onions, cleaning scrolls and inspection tables are other specialties of us, so we can be your one stop shop for your total onion peeling factory. All of this controlled by our standard control systems and Eqontrol compatible, remote access and service.

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