Accurate Weighing

Combination Scale Exigo

Calculates optimum output weight of agri and bulk products at high speed. 

Combination Scale Exigo

The circular arrangement of the weighing buckets ensures optimum filling, which is controlled by the control system. The Exigo Combination Scale is available with 12 or 16 weighing buckets of 14 liters.

Exigo Combination Scale – ERD 12-14 & 16-14 P,M

Tech Specs


Depending on product, required output weight and desired accuracy. For example: onions in 5 - 25kg nets can easily be bagged at a speed of 12 - 18 drops per minute with the correct set up. Pre-packs up to 5kg up to 55 drops per minute


Can be electronically connected with other machines, Eqontrol compatible

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