High speed weighing and bag filling

Baxmatic® and Scale combination

The combination of our multi-head scale and Baxmatic® system guarantees high output and minimum effort through the combination of big buckets and accuracy of the scale.

Weigher-Baxmatic®-Sewing Lane

Weigher-Baxmatic®-Sewing Lane

Tech Specs


400 – 1000+ / hour, 1.5 – 25kg (3 – 50Lbs) bags depending on type, product and configuration


Wicket bags: Woven net, Jute/Hessian, Polypropylene, laminated or not, paper (various non-wicket bags)


Can be electrically connected to other machines | Eqontrol compatible | Integration with 3rd party sewinglanes at request

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Eqraft Baxmatic Scale Combination August 2017