New Bag Laser Printer by Eqraft & LC Packaging

By using real-time laser printing, pre-printed identification, together with its nightmares, becomes a thing of the past!

Have you ever wished for a flexible bag printing system that lets you print and make changes real-time without the need for changing tape, tickets or ink ribbons? Eqraft might have the perfect solution for you!

One of the most common frustrations during packing of bags is the time consumed by the labeling system. Changing tape, tickets or ribbons means halting the process while another tape or ticket roll is being loaded. This leads to unnecessary delay, accumulation of costs per bag and increases in lead time. Furthermore, the tape or tickets attached to the bag can easily tear off or be removed and can fade when subjected to sun light, causing logistical problems and loss of identification. Depending on the number of customers and products being packed, storage of all the different tape and tickets increases your costing and often leaves you with unusable surplus material.

Together with LC Packaging Eqraft has developed laser printable bags and a laser printer that prints  straight on to bags without the use of ink ribbons, tape or paper tickets. As the printing is without contact there are no wearing parts. This printer has been developed for high volume continuous operation at high reliability. The printer allows for the individual printing of bags with filling dates, product information track and trace numbers and any other information making the identification of each specific bag and its contents possible. Printing is done straight onto the bag without the use of the so called consumables such as PE tape, paper tickets, sprayed ink or ink ribbon.

Keeping stock of pre-printed tape or tickets and the so-called “consumables” has become a thing of the past

The text and images can be edited online in real time and without specialist knowledge through the user-friendly interface. Keeping a stock of pre-printed PE tape or paper tickets and the so-called “consumables” like ink ribbon has become a thing of the past. With this printer and these bags, the customer’s requirements can be fulfilled on the fly. The Eqraft Laser Printer for Bags can be integrated with the Baxmatic® bagging equipment.

The Eqraft Laser Printer for Bags allows for:

  • Real time printing & online editing
  • Individual product ID
  • Durable, water & light resistant prints
  • No Consumables

The Eqraft Laser Printer and the LC Packaging laser printable bags are thoroughly tested by Wiskerke Onions in the Netherlands. The official presentation will be at the Potato Europe Exhibition in Emmeloord on September 13-14. You can find Eqraft at booth C161, together with Deprez (C164) and Symach (C170).

Flexible Bag Laser Printing in your factory?

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Sander van der Knijff

Sales Engineer UK, Australia & New Zealand

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