Assembling and Calibrating: how we prepare your machines for use

Interview with Jaap Heijboer and Pieter Kaat of the Production and Service departments

An innovative and efficient development department is needed to develop and improve the Eqraft machines, and the product quality stands or falls by the way it is assembled, installed and maintained. Eqraft is well-known for its excellent assembly and its high level of service. Jaap Heijboer and Pieter Kaat of the Production and Service departments describe what it takes.

“Assembling the machines is done entirely by Eqraft in Emmeloord (Netherlands). Assembly is a crucial aspect of a machine’s production process, because individually manufactured components have to be brought together. Mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, software and where needed, hydraulics, all have to be attuned perfectly to each other by the production department.

In the more than 25 years I’ve been working at Eqraft, I’ve seen the organization grow from a construction company to become the integrated factory supplier it is now. The machines have evolved rapidly, from being mainly mechanical to mechatronic; servo motors and software play a prominent role. Where a machine might have had 50 parts in the past, it now has 500. What’s unique about our machines is that they’re ultra-sturdy. Over the years my focus has shifted more towards the process and the procedure, and I’ve become more of a coach than a production leader; we want self-managing teams, an organization which is lean. Everyone has to think ahead, and together we build properly functioning machinery.”

“After assembly the machine is moved to the client’s site in transportable parts, to be put into service. Everything has been meticulously planned by the Engineering department in advance, so that at the client’s location we can quickly put it all together and integrate it with the rest of the factory. I’ve now been working at Eqraft for five years. It’s a tightly knit organization, which makes it pleasant to work here. Our service team is on-site as long as it takes to put the machine into commission and calibrate it. Because we work closely with the client’s team in this period, a close relationship arises. After commissioning the machines, we stay in touch on the performance of the equipment, and we work with our engineers to achieve optimization.

Clients choose us because of our high service level. It even happens that we repair our competitors’ machines, if they’re not available. Our clients are located worldwide, so our service network is attuned to that. We’re able to offer support quickly thanks to online machine monitoring. We first listen properly to get to the heart of the problem. Alongside the client we look for creative solutions, so that we can resolve the problem as fast as possible. Our main objective is of course that the client can produce without concerns.”


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