Weighing, filling & packing your bulk products easily in time?

Eqraft helps you to be a reliable partner by improving your factory’s efficiency, effectiveness, scheduled output, and continuity.


Building your Bulk Factory of the Future

Eqraft develops weighing, filling and packing solutions for industrial bulk products such as coal, granulate, or any other flowable product. Our craftsmanship stretches from consulting, engineering and assembling, to complete mechanization and automation of your industrial bulk process. 

We are pleased to meet you!

Let's discuss your company’s growth and the challenges that come with it.

Quick Scan & Concept

We gladly provide you with a Quick Scan and first sketch to weigh wishes against possibilities and examine threats and opportunities.

Engineering Services & Action Plan

Meetings, drawings and calculations to clearly understand the costs, benefits, impact and feasibility of the plan with maximum efficiency, flexibility and quality.

Realisation & Project Support

We manufacture and assemble in Emmeloord, The Netherlands. We are your single point of contact and manage all subcontractors involved in the project.

Install & Service

We install, test and run your machines on site. We can coordinate maintenance, supply components and coach your employees.

Solutions & Products for the Bulk Industry 

From weighing to filling and packaging