Retailers, traders and food services demand high standards from factories

Machines are no longer separate sections of the production process: an integral solution is required for optimal efficiency. A lot is at stake: large-scale buyers put mounting pressure on factories, competition is fierce, and scaling a prerequisite. This is pivotal for the continuation of business. 

Eqraft understands this urgency. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, we know the agricultural sector from the inside out. We sympathize with the challenge that as factory owner and manager one faces in having to meet customers’ demands. 

We keenly explore how to boost your efficiency, effectiveness, scheduled output, and continuity. All this, to make your factory stay ahead of competition, improve its margins, and save time for things that are more important than everyday routine.

Eqraft designs, builds, and maintains processing and packaging solutions for onions, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, dry edibles, and other commodities around the globe. Our craftsmanship stretches from consultancy, design, and assembly to full-fledged mechanization, automation, and their continuous improvement. 

Careful listening 

What does it take to run a factory at maximum capacity, despite the unpredictability of the industry on the sides of both supply and demand? This is the key question that Eqraft asks itself, day in and day out. For every client the answer differs, but the purpose is always the same: optimization of production capacity. It is the very reason why every project starts by listening carefully to the client. Only if we fully grasp the objectives of the factory can we design and realize a first-class, failure-free, and efficient process. 

Reliable partner 

Together with our customers we analyze the production process from beginning to end in order to be able to guarantee a quick return on investment. We design and assemble the production line, and our mechanics ensure that machines are tested, calibrated, and properly running on site. The products we deliver are of the highest industrial standards and can easily be integrated with your existing machinery. In case support is needed, our support team can easily perform online monitoring of machines to guarantee rapid and effective response. Eqraft empowers you to be a reliable partner for your customer by ensuring you can sort, process, and package products in time.

Embracing the future

Together we face a challenging industry. In the midst of ever-higher demands, our aim is to help you meet and exceed expectations. Thanks to our recent restructuring and rebranding, we are ready for the future. In fact, embracing the future is what drives us. Our ever-evolving industry begs that we work hard to retain our leading role. Our goal is to increase the performance, efficiency, and continuity of your process. Ensuring that you stay ahead of competition, improve your overall margin, and save time for the things that matter most.

Let’s build your factory of the future – together!