Our legacy

Craftsmanship since 1984

Our legacy dates back to 1984, when “Emmeloord Repair and Construction” was founded in the Netherlands. In 2017, ERC Machinery, Qreenno, and Propak merged and continued as Eqraft. 

1984 - How we started

Our legacy dates back to 1984, when founder Arie van der Knijf started “Emmeloord Repair and Construction (ERC)” in the Netherlands. Following some years of generic construction work, ERC developed the closed onion topper, which turned out to be a great success.

1992 - Scaling up

In 1992, Arie’s brother Gerard joined the company. He focused on product development, network expansion, and stepped up the company’s sales capacity. The Van der Knijff brothers increasingly began to understand their machines as part of a bigger picture. High-tech machinery replaced simple mechanics – weighing and packaging machines were added to the portfolio – and the role of ERC Machinery gradually changed to that of an integral supplier for factories. Although the family company expanded during the past years, it has always remained a tight-knit community. Thanks to the innovative vision of the Van der Knijff brothers, the company grew and required more space.

Late '90 - Expansion

In the late ‘90s, ERC decided to move to the Fabrieksweg in Emmeloord, the Netherlands, premises that are currently still in use. International clients have been welcomed from the very start, and challenged the company to keep growing and push the boundaries of innovation.

2016 - Qreenno & Propak

Building on the company’s focus areas related to sorting and packaging, ERC Machinery increasingly emerges as integral consultant and supplier. Extensive cooperation with Qreenno’s “efficiency engineers” perfectly ties in with this development. Because of the cooperation with Qreenno, craft, ambition, and innovation go hand in hand. In mid-2016, ERC Machinery took over the activities of Propak, another supplier of processing machines for the agricultural industry.

2017 - Eqraft Rebranding

In 2017, ERC Machinery, Qreenno, and Propak merged and continued as Eqraft. At Eqraft, there is a strong sense of belonging. More than a couple of our colleagues built long-lasting careers of continued growth and learning. Thanks to its employees’ punctuality, broad technical expertise, and open-mindedness, Eqraft became the company it is today: an internationally renowned builder of agricultural factories. In today’s market, embracing change is crucial. Therefore, we constantly challenge our employees to push beyond their limits. We value young talent and their fresh outlook on the future.